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Top 5 Multifamily Real Estate Investing Podcasts

multifamily real estate investing podcast

Stepping into real estate investment can feel overwhelming, especially for beginners. But imagine having a friendly expert guiding you through each step. That’s exactly what real estate podcasts offer. They’re like having a knowledgeable mentor, always ready to clarify the complexities of investing and support you. Knowledge is power, and in this article, we’ll cover some of the best multifamily real estate investing podcasts out there. 

Best Multifamily Real Estate Investing Podcasts 

Each podcast offers unique perspectives on multifamily real estate. As a listener, you’ll find that each takes a different approach with many benefits. Let’s get started with the list. 

Investing in the US by Reed Goossens

Investing in the US,” hosted by Reed Goossens, is a standout multifamily real estate podcast marked by Reed’s vast experience acquiring over $800 million in properties. His roles as a real estate syndicator, bestselling author, and public speaker infuse the podcast with rich insights and practical advice.

The show features interviews with industry leaders, offering diverse perspectives and firsthand accounts, and delivers educational content on US investments. Reed’s unique global view as an Australian who’s built a successful career in the US is particularly beneficial for foreign investors. Coupled with the podcast’s high listener ratings and availability on major platforms, its status as a top resource in the field is unshakable.

Real Estate Today by Donna Evers

Real Estate Today,” hosted by Donna Evers, is a highly acclaimed podcast in the multifamily real estate domain. The podcast, known for its credible and critical insights on the real estate market, engages listeners with a fast-paced, fact-rich format. This format includes expert interviews, call-ins, field reports, and updates on market conditions, making it a dynamic and informative listening experience. 

The show offers a rich mix of expert insights and practical advice, covering a wide array of topics relevant to both buyers and sellers. It features industry professionals like REALTOR® Arlene Castellano and former Rocket Mortgage CEO Bob Walters, delivering timely discussions on mortgages, market trends, and even home decor.

Apartment Building Investing by Michael Blank

Apartment Building Investing, led by Michael Blank, is a top-tier multifamily real estate investing podcast. Blank’s extensive knowledge and experience in apartment building investing form the foundation of the podcast, offering practical, real-world insights. The content is not only highly applicable but also structured in an accessible, organized manner, appealing to both novice and veteran investors.

The podcast distinguishes itself through its real-world analysis of multifamily deals, aiding listeners in grasping the complexities of the field. Featuring expert guests, it presents diverse strategies and perspectives, enhancing the learning experience. Its focus on achieving financial freedom through real estate investing and positive community reviews underscores its value and effectiveness as a comprehensive educational resource in multifamily real estate investing.

Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing by Rod Khleif

Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing,” hosted by Rod Khleif, is another standout podcast in the multifamily real estate investing realm. Khleif brings a trove of expertise with his experience owning and managing over 2000 properties. The podcast features various real estate professionals, including investors, syndicators, and property managers, who share invaluable insights, stories, and strategies for building successful real estate businesses.

The show is renowned for its actionable, straightforward content, making complex topics easily understandable and applicable. Its engaging nature is evident, with listeners rapidly consuming episodes drawn in by the depth and variety of subjects covered. From transitioning to full-time apartment entrepreneurship to analyzing current market rates, the podcast offers a comprehensive view of multifamily investing. High listener ratings further underscore its quality and popularity, making it an essential resource for anyone pursuing multifamily real estate investing.

Multifamily Investing Made Simple Anthony Vicino and Dan Krueger

Last but not least on our list of top multifamily podcasts is “Multifamily Investing Made Simple

 hosted by Anthony Vicino and Dan Krueger. Its approachable content makes it a valuable resource for both passive and active investors, regardless of experience. Each episode is carefully crafted to boost listeners’ knowledge, confidence, and competence, paving the way towards financial freedom through multifamily real estate investing.

The podcast stands out for its diverse content, breaking down intricate real estate concepts, sharing successes and failures of industry leaders, and even infusing humor with segments like “plain old bad investing advice.” High listener ratings reflect its popularity and effectiveness. Moreover, practical strategies shared by the hosts, like building a $70,000,000 real estate portfolio from scratch, combined with regular updates and interactive engagement with listeners, solidify its status as a top podcast for multifamily real estate enthusiasts.

The Key Takeaway

You have a multitude of multifamily real estate podcasts to choose from, each offering unique advantages. But one stands above the rest: Reed Goossens’ “Investing in the US.” It sets itself apart with Reed’s extensive real estate expertise and a global perspective that turns complex topics into engaging, understandable content. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned investor, this podcast is an unrivaled resource, offering not just knowledge, but a wealth of inspiration in the world of real estate investing. There’s no better place to turn and after listening to a few episodes, you’ll see why.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are podcasts a good resource for beginner real estate investors?

Podcasts are an excellent resource for beginners because they provide easy-to-digest information, practical advice, and insights from seasoned professionals. They’re accessible anytime, anywhere, making learning about real estate investing convenient and flexible.

2. Can listening to real estate podcasts help me make better investment decisions?

Absolutely. Real estate podcasts often feature discussions on market trends, investment strategies, and risk management, all of which can enhance your decision-making skills. They offer varied perspectives that can broaden your understanding and help you evaluate investment opportunities more effectively.

3. Are the strategies discussed in these podcasts applicable worldwide?

While many strategies can be universal, real estate markets vary significantly across different regions. It’s important to consider the specific context of your area. However, these podcasts can still provide valuable foundational knowledge and investing principles that are broadly applicable.

4. How often should I listen to real estate podcasts to stay informed?

Staying informed is about consistency rather than frequency. Even listening to one or two episodes a week can keep you updated on current trends and best practices in real estate investing. Choose a schedule that fits your routine and allows you to absorb and reflect on the information.

5. Can these podcasts replace professional advice from real estate experts?

While podcasts are a great educational tool, they should complement, not replace, professional advice. Each investment situation is unique, and it’s crucial to consult with real estate professionals for personalized guidance, especially for significant financial decisions.

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